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Stories of help and hope.

The stories on this page are from our clients that we are honoured to have helped. Each story represents a real life situation for our clients.
The clients real names & personal information have not been shown to protect their privacy.


From the rental team.
Recently separated mother with four children under 8 years of age. Husband left to spend time with his new lover and his new born son. Husband left our client with no notice other than a text message. Client was a stay at home mum looking after the kids and the home. Husband stopped paying any portion of rent, food or bills. Refused to contribute to his family as he was now providing for his girlfriend and the new son. Client was from New Zealand and was not yet a resident or Australian Citizen. There was an application for welfare however it did not look promising for client to receive benefits. One morning she walked her children to the local school and on return to home found the car was gone from the driveway. Frantic calls to her husband revealed that he had sold it and was keeping the money. Client applied to the New Zealand Government for aid and received $50.00 per week. Client decided to return to New Zealand and start again, moving in with her mum. Subsequently the husband made an application to the court to stop her from taking the kids to New Zealand where he could not see them. It was later revealed that he had not seen his children since leaving. Mother was desperate for any kind of assistance. We were able to provide Rental Supplement for a period of time whilst she found other means to pay her way.

From the rental team
Client single mother with disabled daughter was told her casual position she had held for several years was to be terminated as the business was being sold. Although welfare was given she was not able to pay the full amount of her rent until she could gain employment. We were able to provide rental supplement to keep her and her child in their rental home until she found a new job. Which she did within a month and a half.

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