Projects of Aus Living Support Ltd will be completed in local areas of the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Noosa.


Rental supplement program

Rental Supplement Program designed to help those in need that are at risk of becoming homeless. Our program allows individuals and business partners to aid a family or individual stay in the home they currently live in. The program pays a portion of rent or mortgage directly to a landlord or bank on behalf of the client. The program is set at six month intervals and extended if required.

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Low rent Housing units

Low rent Housing units, single and double bedroom. Units will be in a single complex. Our housing units will be temporary accommodation for those that are currently homeless or those that are a risk of becoming homeless. Considered as short to medium term. It is with these units we will help to begin the journey to a new life for the people that come to us.

Drop-in centre

Sometimes people just need a break from the hardships of life on the streets. Our drop-in centre(s) will offer a much needed respite. With a functioning kitchen stocked with prepared food. Take away hampers for those that do not like to stay.  A laundry. Shower facilities. Initial drop in centre will be mobile.

Other projects

We are always looking to engage in any project that will benefit the Homeless.

Opening shops will allow us to raise our own funds. The shops will provide access to clothing and household items for those in need. Click here for more information - shops

Fund raising

We are raising funds for these projects and more to help your local community. If you would like to help you can donate here -

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