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How do people become homeless?

People become homeless or struggle to afford basic rents due to many varying reasons in their life. It is known that one major event in a life can change what was once a normal existence into one that is clouded in doubt, monetary pressure and depression.

Many are left without real hope due to - 


  • Shortages in affordable housing.

  • Abuse in the home.

  • Poverty.

  • Unemployment.

  • Mental or physical illness. 

Many other factors play a part.​

What does homelessness do to a person?

Homelessness has varying impacts on a person. It is clear that homelessness means a struggle to meet basic life necessities. A mother with children may find it difficult to provide stable education. Regular food provision is a constant battle with health issues arising from lack of nutrition. Hygiene is difficult when faced with life on the street. Long term lack of support can cause a person to completely lose hope. Often homelessness is associated with depression and anxiety.


How many people struggle with affordable housing?

Recent media reports estimated that locally there were 1600 people per night living rough. Australia wide the bureau of statistics published in 2016 that 116,427 were either homeless or living rough. Also published was the extremely worrying fact that 50 people per 10,000 are affected. Helping the homeless through non profit organisations like Aus Living Support Ltd is one step towards a new life for those in need. 250 Australians per day are turned away from Homelessness sevices due to lack of housing. 195,000 Australians are on social housing waiting lists. 2017-2018 over 288,000 australians sought assistance about homelessness.

What age are we talking about?

According to statistics from the 2016 census.


  • 60% of homeless people were aged under 35 years.

  • 42% of the increase of homelessness were 25 to 34 year age group ( up 32% from 2011 ).

  • The number of homeless people 55 years and over has steadily increased over the last three census.

  • People aged between 65 and 74 years experiencing homelessness increased to 27 persons per 10,000 people.

How can you help?

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