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Fund raising ideas

Need some inspiration?

There might be an idea here for you.

Do you have a great idea? Let us know here and we can share it.

Donate the money collected by -

  1. Using this page and the donation form below. (here)

  2. Transfer the amount raised to BSB - 124079 Account - 22925018 use reference IDEA

  3. Bank the money at Bank of Queensland into account 22925018 Aus Living Support Ltd use reference IDEA

100% of all money raised will be used in the operation and projects of Aus Living Support Ltd in local areas of Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Gympie. Helping the Homeless.

  • Afternoon tea with friends or family each person donates.

  • Barefoot bowls at you local lawn bowls club. Charge an admission.

  • Bake Sale, An oldie but a goodie, sell baked goods to friends and family or at work.

  • Ball, get together with family and friends organise a communtiy ball good food and dance.

  • BBQ at work, best on a friday, cook meals and charge per meal.

  • Book sale, gather books from friends and family and sell them at work.

  • Car wash for charity, organise a car wash at you local school or club on a day that they will have people attending

  • Charity Party more info here ask friends, family, colleagues to pay $20 each for a party hosted by you.

  • Christmas in july, the presents can be a dontion.

  • Coffee morning with friends or family ask each person to donate.

  • Comedy night can provide comedians for free.

  • Community day more info here hold a community day at work, school, club etc.

  • Dinner Party, ask guests to donate to attend.

  • Dress up at work day ask colleagues to dress up for a day at work and charge a fee.

  • Eighties evening all about disco and colourful clothing, charge an entry fee.

  • Employer matched funds, ask your employes to match the funds you raise.

  • Free dress day at your school or work, charge a fee.

  • Games night with family or friends, play your favourite games charge a donation to attend.

  • Gala event, get together with friends and family, hold a local community gala with good food and dance.

  • Garage sale, sell you unwanted items, and perhaps ask the nieghbours to contibute their items, and donate the proceeds.

  • Guess the baby, place baby photos of staff at your work place, charge an entry fee per guess.

  • Karaoke night, hold a karaoke night with friends and family, charge an entry fee.

  • International party, host a party based on your favourite destination. Theme clothes and music to suit. charge an entry fee.

  • Luncheon have a lunch with friends, family or at work. Charge an entry fee.

  • Lolly jar, guess how many lollies are in the jar, $2 per guess.

  • Neighbourhood street party, have your neighbours bring food, drink and chairs, plus a donation.

  • Office party, plenty of scope to hold a day at your workplace and raise money.

  • Pamper party, hold a manicure and makeover party charge per entry.

  • Progressive dinner with friends or family, have a different course at a different house. charge a donation to attend.

  • Sacrifice day/week, ask friends, family, colleague to sacrifice coffes/ teas for a day/week and donate the savings to you.

  • Treasure hunt, can be big or small, race with groups or individuals, across locations or your back yard. Try using Actionbound app.

  • Themed costume party, host a party based on a specific theme that you enjoy.

  • Walk, gather friends, family or colleagues and go for a walk. charge entry fee.

  • Watch a sports event together charge an entry fee.

  • X-Factor night, hold a talent competition with friends family or colleagues. Entry fee charged.

Fun raising ideas
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(Please note: Minimum donation value is $2.00.

Donations $2.00 or more are tax deductible)

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